In 2016, I missed going for my morning run maybe four or five times. It’s 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to think about the coming day and what I want to accomplish. It fits into my morning like breakfast or feeding the cat – a habit that’s carried forward from college, which is far in the rear view mirror now, but these things stick with you sometimes.

In school, if I could have majored in long distance running, I would have. Now, I’m happy to get out the door every morning for a jog and my "major" is raising my daughter and being successful in real estate. And… I’m minoring in learning to ride a mountain bike, skiing, listening to Michael Jackson on my record player, relearning the piano after taking a 32 year break, going to Boise Rotary functions, making new friends in the Avimor community where I live, searching the internet for easy-to-make recipes, learning to hit a golf ball somewhere in the general vicinity of a hole, taking weekend trips to McCall, and I play a mean game of Yahtzee.

For different reasons, I’ve lived and worked all over the U.S.. At the beginning of my career, I was a professional long distance runner, which has a job description of not having any money and traveling all over the country eking out a living by winning prize money and hopefully securing shoe sponsorships. My best performance ranked me ninth in the U.S. before the ‘96 Olympics in Atlanta, which sounds great and I’m glad I did it, but it didn’t pay anything.

After “retiring” from running races, I worked in marketing and advertising for a long time and wound up in New York City, employed by a big ad agency. It was a great opportunity and I’ll never regret it, but the New York City landscape is nothing like Idaho or Colorado where I was born. I was only too glad to move here to Idaho in 2006 to start a family. I still lock my doors, but it’s friendlier here. People say hello to strangers. There’s a common sense, down-to-earthiness about Idahoans that’s refreshing.

As I realtor, I like to think that I bring my best game forward. I’m a one-woman operation, so I answer my own phone, return calls (always), meet with people one-on-one, show homes, and am accountable for my results. I'm known for being straight-forward and not pulling any punches. My marketing background is an asset and I’m constantly looking for new technology and marketing innovation. I like hearing people's stories, and then helping them to accomplish their goals, whether that’s downsizing to a fifth wheel to travel the country, or buying their first home.


  • Born in Greeley, Colorado
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Elementary Ed. Cert., Minor in Creative Writing, Emphasis in English Lit.; Adams State College; Alamosa, Colorado
  • Certificate in Design from Portfolio Center; Atlanta, Georgia
  • Lived in Brazil, CO, UT, NJ, CA, OR, GA, NY, and ID
  • Love to travel, have been to three continents and all but three states in the U.S.

Community Service

  • Rotary Club of Boise, Board Member
  • Volunteer at Galileo Elementary School
  • Marketing Advisor for Usful Glassworks
  • Volunteer for Shu’s Idaho Running Co. events